Most of the people are being constrained by place and time when they need to do some planning for the workout schedule. As a result there are many people who are craving to get an attractive physique but due to the shortage of time they can’t go to the gym and give the required amount of labor. In this scenario a simple fitness program that suits to your convenience will be ideal choice. So if you don’t have the time to go to gym, you don’t need to be worried as you have the way out- the Flex Belt.

Flex Belt is the neoprene belt that helps to reduce the abs muscles by sending small electric stimulations into the abdominal muscles and helps to contrast of the stretching and relaxing of the muscles. It has the electronic pads that help your abs to gain access for toning. Once you know about the belt you may be eager to purchase it and order online. But before you start using the Flex Belt you need to know some important information about the disclaimer of the equipment. Here is the disclaimer of this belt-

Using Flex belt in Case of Pre-existing Illness:

Make sure that you should not have any of the following diseases-

Heart diseases including the usage of the pacemaker

Serious type of diabetes where you need to inject insulin

Cancer, especially having the cancerous lesions in the body

In such cases, you are recommended to avoid the use of the Flex Belt.

Using Flex Belt after Having Baby:

After giving birth to your baby, you should wait at least for 6 weeks in case of normal delivery and minimum 3 months for the caesarean case before the use of the Flex Belt. In such sensitive case you are highly recommended to consult to the physician before that using the belt.

Common Misconception:

As disclaimer you should know about a common concept people have about the belt that they will get a 6 pack within few weeks after strapping it. It is absolutely wrong concept as the Flex Belt is actually a muscle-toner that will not work if anybody has flaps of flat on the stomach. It will mostly effective with little stomach fat.

Following Proper Diet:

For getting the best result you need to clean up your diet chat along with the usage of the belt. If you have a thick layer of belly fats, at first you need to reduce them by following a strict diet. In the diet you need to exclude or keep little amount of sugar, fat, calories etc.

Doing Some Work While Using It:

It is necessary to do some work while using the Flex Belt especially for the first time. Because if you do nothing your entire concentration will be on the belt and your body will not get adjusted with the contractions and your brain will not cop up with the mechanism of the belt. So it is always suggested to watch TV or read books or do some other work when you are going to use the Flex Belt.

These are some essential information mentioned as disclaimer of the Flex Belt.