The Flex Belt is a kind of abdominal toning belt which is really an amazingadvancement of technology. With this belt one can exercise anywhere at any time. This belt can be used while you are at work, while taking a walk, watching TV, around the house or while exercising etc. This article is not about the advertisement of Flex Belt. The Flex Belt reviews will get you the accurate information about both the advantages and disadvantages of this abs cruncher belt.

 What is Flex Belt?

Before starting the Flex Belt reviews, you shoud have a clear concept about this belt. It is actually an
abdominal workout aid. It is designed upon the popular concept of electronic muscle stimulation or in short EMS technology. In simple words, the belt boosts the abdominal muscle contractions with technology and gel pads through which you can enjoy the abs workout without the need of crunches or sit-ups or any other laborious exercise.

Read below the Flex Belt reviews to enlighten you with the adequate information about it.

Adjustable Intensity:

It is very essential for the proper functioning of Flex Belt to fit the exactly with the abdominal size. The level of the belt’s intensity ranges from 1 to 150. So here you will get the option to increase the intensity level when yourabdominal muscles keep on improving your ability for advancement.

Comfortable to use:

The Flex Belt generates a mild pulsing sensation in your body and it effects a smooth contrast. This sensation is dependent on the level of intensity you will choose.

Flexible and Easy to Use:

The Flex Belt can be simply used by adjusting your own work schedule. You just need to slip the belt on according to the instruction and no need to put a halt to your other work routine. You can use it while you are doing other things. Within only 30 minutes you will receive an effective abdominal workout even while you are tired and exhausted or occupied with other tasks.

Safe to Use:

Certified by the FDA, the Flex Belt is the first abs stimulating belt. This belt fulfills all the requiring criteria of the Medical Device Directive. In the Flex Belt reviews you should well acquainted with the fact that the belt has been specially made with the electronic muscle stimulation technique.

Valid Guarantee:

Another great advantage of the Flex Belt is its confirmed guarantee. If you find that the belt does suit you or you don’t get any result after using it for 4 to 8 weeks, there are options for you where you can ask for 60 days money back guarantee provided by the company. There the entire money will be refund.

Does it Work?

This belt undoubtedly works. Though recent times have witnessed a proliferation in fake abdomen belts, especially on the internet, this is the only and first product of its kind to get a clean bill of health from FDA because it is in line with Medical Device Directive requirements.

Moreover, there is a litany of positive reviews out there which go to show that that this belt is genuine and very effective. That is not all, notable celebrities such as Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Jerry Rice have endorsed the belt and assured fans that the product really does its job in helping one to carve the abdomen muscles.

But How Does It Work?

As earlier stated, the device features an Electrical Muscle Stimulating (EMS) technology. When the belt is placed on the abdomen, the technology helps it to send electrical impulses vide the nerves to the brain to activate muscles and make them start contracting and relaxing. This effectively trains muscles in a similar fashion to abdominal crunches. While the brain normally controls muscles and commands them on what to do, the belt helps to increase muscle movement and help train the abs without a lot of hard work. The belt features electrodes that stimulate the brain. It also has medical-grade gel pads that go over the abdomen to give you utmost comfort and relaxation during the workout.

Use Frequency

Many people wonder how often they should be using this device. Well, experts advise that a person in need of this belt should use if for around 30 minutes every day in the course of the initial four weeks or so. The beauty of it all is that if you do not have 30 minutes to spare from your busy schedule, you can opt to comfortably wear the appliance as you go about your duties. That is because it has a very comfortable belt that goes about the abdomen without really hampering movements in any way. Users can wear it and activate it at the appropriate intensity which usually ranges from 1 to 150 as you go about your tasks. Some users often narrate how they wear the belt while preparing breakfast, performing mundane house chores such as sweeping the floor, vacuuming, or washing the dishes, etc. Thus, you can wear this belt and set to do practically anything that you want. Another good thing about the belt’s comfortable design is that though you come home very tired, you can use the belt for half an hour or so before you relax listening to your favorite genre of music.

How long before you start experiencing results?

As per the belt’s manufacturer, you can begin witnessing results from as soon as 4 to 8 weeks after starting the exercises. There are users, however, who claim that they started registering results even sooner than advertised by the belt manufacturer. One user claims that his abs became more toned and defined after only three weeks. After five weeks, he had the perfect abs he ever desired. There are many other glowing reviews which go to show that indeed this belt is effective, useful and safe.

In fact, according to experts, you can expect to see a lithe abdomen sooner if you’ve less fat about the waist. Nonetheless, despite the body build, if you exercise each day for 30 minutes, the results will start showing in around one month. To maintain these results, you will need to keep exercising two or three times a week afterwards.

How much does the belt cost?

The Flex Belt can set you back 200-250 dollars if you buy from some of the popular retail sites. And, as a by the way, if you know where to look, you can benefit from generous discounts. Some users say they got a twenty percent discount.

Based on how much it is going to benefit you, that amount of money is not too much. Moreover, it comes with about everything you need to start toning your abs. However, you should keep in mind that the gel pads that pass over your abdomen are meant to last for only about 30 sessions. Once they are worn, you can buy replacement pads with only 15 dollars. And that really isn’t costly, especially since you are going to have a month’s worth of exercising without the effort.

Round up of the belt’s benefits

The belt features an adjustable intensity. The intensity degree of this belt ranges from 1 to 150. You have the discretion to increase the range as the abdominal muscles improve.

The belt is comfortable as it produces mild sensations of smooth contractions and pulses. The amount of sensation varies according to the intensity range.

The belt is simple and quick to use. You do not have to stop what you were doing to exercise with this belt- you can exercise on the go. In just 30 minutes, you will get a very effective abdominal workout without the effort.

The belt is safe. Undoubtedly this is the safest belt in the market today. That is because it is the first and only toning belt thats cleared by FDA as it follows Medical Device Directive requirements.

There is a money-back guarantee. In case you arent happy with the results you get after working out for 4 to 8 weeks, remember there is a guarantee you can get your money back if things dont pan out well. Just ask tohave your money back.


If you want a soft and round abdomen so as to look fabulous as well as feel stronger and more firm but you are discouraged with having to sweat for over two hours in a gym, then this is an ideal appliance for you. With just about $200, you have the opportunity to work your abs wonderfully while you go about your daily routine. No sweating, it is safe, and it is effective. What more would a person wish for? It is a really great product.